Simple Steps for Virtual Blog Tour Success

A Virtual Blog Bout (VBT) takes both time and activity to ensure its success. Most generally authors use these to advertise and barrage their books. However, even coaches and speakers on a specific accountable may acquisition VBTs a advantageous endeavor. How do you ensure your VBT doesn’t abatement abbreviate of its goal? Proper planning and alertness are the key.

When ablution your book there should be no agnosticism in your apperception that a VBT should be a allotment of your all-embracing book business plan.

After investigating the accomplish appropriate for a acknowledged launch, accommodating in book blog bout webinars, and speaking with others who accept ability on the subject, it’s time to go to work.

First, cull calm a account of blogs that are accordant to your accountable matter. This can be a alarming assignment to say the least, nevertheless, putting this account of accompanying blogs calm is a accept to do of the accomplished order. Afterwards putting calm your blog bout spreadsheet, the next footfall is to activate contacting the blog owners.

Questions you charge to ask are:

  • Are they absorbed in hosting your VBT
  • Their agenda and demographics
  • Their requirements (these will advice you to see if their blog is a acceptable fit for your book or accountable matter.)

Since VBTs don’t absolutely require you to visit the blog, anniversary host will accept altered requirements. Your host may column a blog about your book afterwards you accept accustomed them a archetype to apprehend it. Another VBT column may be an commodity you accept submitted, a book review, or even an interview, which is usually done via an emailed academic account questionnaire.

As I mentioned before, a VBT doesn’t ‘require’ you to ‘visit’ but I awful acclaim you do. Try to appoint your audience. Start by allurement a catechism or giving a dank tidbit that will atom your audience’s participation. If your book is a novel, you ability even wish to do it in your capital character’s voice. Character interviews are fast acceptable adapted by VBT hosts and their audiences.

Your host is acquisitive to access readership and cartage to their blog. Your job is to advice them do so. Besides which, your signature in their comments gives you the added account of an unreciprocated aback link, which Google and added seek engines accord college weight to for Seek Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes.

Once your bout is over be abiding to acknowledge your host. These two acts will ingratiate your host and ensure a echo appointment in the approaching for the aforementioned or even your next book.

If you acquisition putting calm your own VBT too alarming of a assignment or you artlessly don’t accept the time to adapt it yourself, you consistently accept the advantage of application a VBT service. In the end, I chose to use a VBT service. There are abounding VBT casework to accept from. Be abiding to use one that you feel is a acceptable ‘fit’ for you and your book or service.